Welcome to Nickkels Contracting

Where we build homes for your life!

At Nickkels Contracting we understand that your home isn’t just about where you live, but more about where you live your life. A warm feeling when you walk through the door,  great neighborhoods and a great home, custom built just for you.

That’s why at at Nickkels we care about the details. We care about what you want. We listen. We build your home the way you want it done. From designing the floor plan to picking that perfect light fixture we help you turn your visions into reality. We are committed to superior customer service and quality workmanship.

Integrity, trust, fairness and customer service are what we all look for, and at Nickkels Contracting it is what we strive to deliver to you, our customers, one beautiful home at a time.

We are passionate about each and every home we build, so sit back, relax, and let Nickkels Contracting build the home of your dreams. The home for your life!

Be sure to check out our Gallery of Homes!

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