Phase Guidelines

Phase l Guidelines

Exterior of House It is the policy of Spider Lake Country Estates to be very conscious of the design and appearance of the front of the house. It is important that this matter be discussed at an early stage.

If metal chimneys are permitted, they will be encased in the same siding as the house or in another material as approved by the Developer.

Roof Pitch
The minimum roof pitch for houses is 6/12. Exceptions to this angle of pitch will only be given when design constraints do not permit the minimum pitch to be achieved.

Set Backs The minimum set back from the road to the dwelling is eighty (80) feet. The maximum is one hundred ten (110) feet. Exceptions to these set backs will only be given when well and septic location dictate otherwise.

Driveways If the driveway is not covered in a hard surface (i.e. asphalt, concrete, etc.) then a minimum three inches of Class A gravel is to be maintained as the driveway finish.

Driveway Lights It is encouraged, but not mandatory, that each driveway entrance be illuminated by not less than one–lantern type fixture, located within (10) ten feet of the property’s lot line adjacent to the street, along with the civic street number of the dwelling.

Exterior Colors At the time of submitting your plans for approval you should provide colors for the exterior finish, ie. Siding, trim, shutters, doors, garage door, roof shingles and masonry products.

Square Footage To protect the quality of homes in the subdivision, the following minimum square footages of finished living area are enforced:
(Note: Does not include basement areas.)

• Two Story c/w attached garage – 1700 sf
• Two Story c/w no or detached garage – 1900 sf
• Bungalow -1550 sf
•One and a Half Story (min. main floor) – 1440 sf

Outside Oil/Propane Tanks Shall be installed at the side or rear of the dwelling and closed in with wolmanized wood lattice or similar material and a minimum of four 4” x 4” wolmanized wood posts.

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